Tres Rios Fly Fishing & Adventure takes you fly fishing in Patagonia Chile for strong, wild trout and salmon, away from everyone else, in settings of natural splendor, for the type of fishing that you've dreamed of.

We're located in an area of many diverse fisheries and landscapes. Our custom fly fishing programs include several watersheds that begin in Andean river valleys below the peaks on the border with Argentina and wind through the mountains and foothills down to the fjords and the Pacific Ocean. The better known rivers include Rio Petrohue, Rio Maullin, Rio Rahue, Rio Pilmaiquen and Rio Puelo, and, of course, there are numerous lesser known tributary streams, all home to thriving populations of rainbow and brown trout. Mostly we fish flowing water, but there is also some outstanding fly fishing in lakes.

Rio Petrohue may be the most spectacular in all Patagonia Chile.Rio Maullin is a challenge for pulling browns out fallen timber.

Our multilingual Chilean guides are mature, professional, good humored, and personable, fly fishermen from childhood, eager to share their expertise and put you onto fish. Tres Rios has had the same guides over the past 12 seasons which speaks volumes for our operation and guide knowledge of the water. Returning anglers, about 70% of bookings, like to know that they'll be around the next fishing season.

Catarafts are the way to go for those in the know.

Our home river at Tres Rios Lodge is the Rio Petrohue which flows from Lago Todos Los Santos, a captivating fjord-like lake in the heart of a road-less national park and rainforest reserve. The transparent jade hued waters rush out of the lake with spectacular falls and Class III rapids in the upper stretches, gradually calming down over it's 25-mile run to the saltwater. This is a fairly big river cutting through a landscape heaved up by plate tectonics and covered by volcanic rubble. The wild scenery is magnificent, hardly a vista without one of several snowcapped volcanoes dominating the surrounding mountainous terrain covered with impenetrable rainforest. It's widely recognized as the most scenic fly fishing river in Chile.

When fly fishing the Petrohue the scenery is an amazing compliment.

Rivers Maullin, Puelo, Rahue, and Pilmaiquen also flow from huge lakes at the base of the Andes, each with its own particular character and beauty. A great advantage here is that the lakes are buffers when it rains and the rivers remain clear and in good condition no matter the weather. The steady flow also ensures a stable and healthy environment for trout and their food, allowing them to to proliferate. Trout thrive and grow heavy on the abundant pancora crayfish, puye minnows, salmon fry, and, of course, smaller trout.

This monster 32 inch rainbow took a fly on the surface of a mountain lake.  Never seen anyone else here.A smile that says it all.  Family fishing on the Maullin near Puerto Varas, Chile.Nice tailout brown taken fly fishing the Maullin River, Chile.

All of these untamed rivers have a mixture of habitat for fish food and fish alike with runs over freestone, boulder fields, gravel bars, deadfalls, log jams, root wads, undercut banks, back eddies, rock walls, name it. Muddler and other baitfish patterns are effective cast against banks and around logs, provoking aggressive attacks from browns waiting in ambush. Before launching into the deep, it's always a good idea to probe the shallow water where minnows and pancoras get picked off by cruising browns. Most of the bigger trout are hooked on streamers either fished in the shallows with a floating line or deeper with sinking tip lines, depending on that particular stretch of river. Side channels and tributaries offer small stream wading and dry fly fishing opportunities.

A fantastic side stream for a day of dry fly fishing.

Most resident trout we hook are in the 17" to 20" range, and it's a very rare day when anglers don't release, lose, miss, or roll several fish over 20". Usually there are Chinook salmon around, and occasionally sea-run browns and Atlantic salmon. Generally fly fishing travelers come for the trout, but it's hard to resist casting now and then to 30 pound salmon when you know they are there.

Jerry is a Tres Rios regular.  Any wonder why?A Petrohue beauty taken on a fly fishing float trip.When fly fishing in Patagonia Chile you'll see a variety in spotting and coloring for brown trout.

We offer a wide variety of fly fishing, from wading small streams with a 3wt rod, floating line and dry flies to searching pools with a 7wt rod, 250 grain express sinking tip, and size 4 streamer. Anglers cast on the float to areas that can't be reached wading, and we beach the boat occasionally to wade areas that can you can more effectively fish in that manner. Most of our guests like to mix it up, while some big game hunters concentrate on the Petrohue and never get tired of it. Let us know what you're looking for and we're sure we can customize a fly fishing program accordingly.

David hooked this 30 inch rainbow stripping a woolybugger around the reed beds in Lago Todos Los Santos.Pancora crayfish. Trout candy.King and Atlantic Salmon are regular visitors to the Rio Petrohue.

All the runs we float are on stretches of river that are inaccessible by road and foot. Once we put-in we won't see civilization again for 6 to 9 hours when we reach our vehicle at a remote take-out. We pack a delicious hot lunch and all your preferred beverages for a mid-day break, but we don't make a big time-consuming production of it. Only on parts of one river do we ever see a few other fly fishermen. Anglers find it wonderfully unbelievable that we can take them for world-class fly fishing and hardly ever run into other groups!

A break for a quick lunch on a log littered stream with good dry fly fishing.

The season in the Lakes Region runs from the 2nd Friday in November to the 1st Sunday in May.

The most effective methods and patterns for big fish in area rivers are well presented in Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout by Kelly Galloup and Bob Lindeman. We recommend it because you can read in advance what your guide will be suggesting here on the river. Chance favors the prepared angler, and we want to see your rod doubled every chance you have.


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