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2011-12 Season Gallery

It was an outstanding season. Notice the same anglers with a different trout or salmon in each photo. And to think that we mostly release them quickly without the photoshoot!

March 13, Rio Petrohue. Hein with 1st big brown, this one fishing deep with a minnow fly.March 13, Rio Petrohue.  Hein with 2nd big brown at 26" and 7 lb.(Boga Grip), this one fishing a minow streamer through a shallow run off the main channel.March 14, Rio Petrohue.  Hein with a oversized rainbow trout fishing a tailout with a minnow streamer fly.

March 15, Rio Petrohue. Hein had never caught a Chinook Salmon so we went after them even though it is late in their run.  They still challenge your knots, drag and backing.March 15.  Hein with last of 6 salmon in 90 minutes.   Salmon are bright and fresh in from the salt in December and January.

Two fishermen have caught 3 or more brown trout over 20" in the same day. Normally one would expect 1 or 2 over 20" plus 20-30 trout between 12-18", if you're doing it right.

March 11, Rio Maullin.  Hein with a golden brown, the 1st of 4 over 20".March 11, Rio Maullin.  Hein with 2nd trophy brown trout in a 30 fish day.March 11, Rio Maullin.  Hein with 4th  big brown in one day.  First day fly fishing in Chile!

First of 3 beautiful brown trout fly fishing the Petrohue River on Feb 24th.Second of 3 great browns (this one 5#) in a day of constant fly fishing action.Largest of 3 trophy browns (7#) in probably a 40 fish day on the Petrohue near Puerto Varas, Chile.

Gerry went to Lago Yelcho after fishing with us for 2 days. The weather turned cool and rainy and the fishing was poor down south, while it only downgraded from excellent to good near Puerto Varas. When he came back from Yelcho he caught more trout in 2 hours on the Rio Maullin than he did all the prior week down south. It's always a good idea to spend a couple days with us at Tres Rios on any trip to Patagonia Chile as many times we have had good to excellent fly fishing when rivers were blown out from Yelcho to Coyhaique. Most flights stop in Puerto Montt on the way south, so it's easy to combine a few days here and a few days there, either with us on both ends or with someone else down south.

In a day of many big trout and salmon released at a distance, this brown was lead around the stumps and into the net.Surprised by a nice king on the Maullin while having a great time fly fishing for brown trout.

And what a bow it was!  This monster rainbow (steelhead?) was played on a 5wt rod.Tony had a triple crown on the Petrohue with browns, bows and a king.This Chinook was caught within 20 minutes of releasing the huge rainbow.  Pisco sour time!

Feb 16, Rio Petrohue. Brown trout with shoulders

Dave had a Petrohue Grand Slam with brown and rainbow trout plus Chinook and Atlantic Salmon in one float trip, all fly fishing.

Feb 14, Rio Petrohue.  Atlantic Salmon from the home pool.Feb 14, Petrohue.  Chunky rainbow.Feb 14, Rio Petrohue. Grand slam for Dave with browns, bows, a Chinook and an Atlantic all in one day of fly fishing the Petrohue.

Feb 15, Rio Petrohue.Feb 6, Rio PetrohueFeb 6, Rio Petrohue.  Don lost 4 really big fish before we could get an i.d.  Salmon or big trout?  We''ll never know.

Feb 4, Rio Petrohue.  This amazing king salmon was battled for 47 minutes on a 7 wt. fly rod.Jan 11, Rio Petrohue


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