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2014-15 Season Gallery

This was season number 16 for us and I think you'll agree that it was pretty good. While many outfitters and lodges in Chile have switched their focus to spin fishing for salmon from jet boats, we haven't had a problem in finding trout and fly fishing for them in serenity from a silent cataraft drift boat. There seem to be just as many decent trout now as there were when we started in the austral spring of 1999.

As you check out the photos of these anglers (or guide) with their nice trout, remember that the biggest ones often get away and about half of all hook-ups end in a long-line release. That's fine as there is plenty of action throughout the day. A trout that is not handled will stay healthy. When brought to the rubber net we slip the barbless hook from their mouths without touching them and keep the photos to a minimum. May there be magnificent trout in Chile for fly fishing forever!

Memories of a father and daughter team fly fishing the Rio Maullin in December, a great brown trout fishery.

Amanda challenged her Dad with a nice brown trout.

Howard and Marion were fly fishing in the Falkland Islands before coming back for another visit with us very early this season.

Fishing a full flowing Rio Petrohue in November, John and Catherine found the brown and rainbow trout in the shallows eager to take a fly.

Fernanda gave Henrique a stay at Tres Rios for his birthday. They had planned to go fly fishing a few days and tour around a little. The fishing was so good that they only went fly fishing...and the rookie landed a 6-pound brown! It was an excellent season opener on November 14th.

Henrique with a nice bow.Fernanda with a very nice brown.Henrique with a bow in the lake.

Ed had a knack for catching two-foot brown trout, but he's haunted by the monster rainbow that swiped at his fly too close to the boat.

David with a nice trout.

Dr Richard with a very nice brown trout.Another nice brown for the doctor.


Vicki with a nice bow.Vicki with a nice brownVicki with another nice trout.

Rich with a nice trout.Sam with a nice trout.


Bruno with a very nice brown trout.Bruno with a nice brown trout.Bruno with another nice brown trout.

Bruno with a nice rainbow trout.Bruno with yet another nice brown trout.Bruno with the final trout in a run of 6 over 20 in one day.


Jim with a nice trout.Jim with a nice brown trout.Marc with a nice trout.

DK with a nice trout.DK playing a nice trout.DK landed a nice trout.


DK with a very nice brown trout.Walter with a nice trout.Walter with a nice brown trout.

DK with another nice trout.The boys landed a nice trout.JL with his first trout on a dry fly.

John T with a nice brown trout.One of John T's many rainbow trout.John T with a rainbow trout.


Joe with a nice bow.Joe with a nice brown.A nice brown.

We landed only a few Chinook salmon in this year of drought.


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