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The first thing you ask an angler who is telling a fish story is "Where are the photos?" Words are marvelous for stimulating the imagination and literature is one of the highest art forms. But somehow when a fishing guide is writing the prose or spinning the yarn people naturally put their guard up. So that's why we have lots of fish pictures. And you'll notice that it's not just one trophy photo used over and over, and it's not the guide who caught and held the fish. It's common for lodges to hire a pro photographer to go out with the guides to get the great trophy shots and use those photos extensively in their publicity. That's understandable. But what we want to show here is that most all of our anglers catch many trophies and, although the photo quality is not professional, you get a better idea of what you can expect. We don't like handling fish so we only take a quickie of one or two of the nicer ones, and most often none at all. Even so, we feel a little pressure to keep showing that the fishing is superb season after season, which it has been.

Photo Album of the 2016 Season

Photo Album of the 2015 Season

Photo Album of the 2014 Season

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