A Visual Testimonial to the Extraordinary Trout Fishing in Chile

There are many pictures of big, beautiful trout on this page to demonstrate that almost everyone gets a chance for a personal best trout while fishing with Tres Rios. These photos are just a sample of several hundreds of similar shots that we have collected over 24 seasons! At first the photos were on film and we scanned them, and then came the early digital cameras when images were downloaded to floppy discs. Unfortunately, we've lost a lot of those early years images of great fishing, or at least the photos are too grainy to post here. And then imagine how many shots over the seasons were out of focus, had water on the lens, were too dark or too light, too far, too close, too goofy, or the trout wouldn't hold still, etc. And many times the angler just didn't want another fish pic. This little sample is here to reassure people that the stories of catching big trout in Patagonia Chile are true. Some photos were taken in northern Patagonia, some in Aysen, but most were taken in the Lakes Region. Yes, there are trout of all sizes, and what you catch will depend on where you fish, how you fish, when you fish, and with whom you fish. At Tres Rios we always take you where you'll have a chance at a trophy, even if you don't care about size. In general, you might catch 20+ trout on the float trip and most will be over 14" and, hopefully, a couple 20+".